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Arbor Day

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Happy Arbor Day! 

When you think of Arbor Day, you probably think of planting a tree. OK, sure, Wish all the people can plant tree . It will be very great things . and It can make our home become better . 

but what if you're really busy or you live in a big city, and you don't know where you can even legally plant a tree? If you're trying to figure out how to celebrate Arbor Day without sticking to the same old boring ideas, there are lots of easy, creative ways that don't involve planting trees.
Here are six ways to celebrate Arbor Day that don't involve planting trees.
1.Organize an Oldest Tree Hunt in Your Community. 
2.Hold a Read-In at the Library. ...
3.Clean Up a Public Space. ...
4.Work on a Farm. ...
5. Make a DIY Bird Feeder. ...
6. Make Your Garden Bumblebee Friendly.
and so on

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