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  • Q Is the metal mesh gloves good for sea salt water?

    A Mr. Rejean Mcgraw, one distributor from Canada, he has one customer who need working in sea salt water but worry about is our metal mesh gloves good enough to be used in sea salt water.

    We explained to him that
    1, our metal mesh gloves was made from high quality stainless steel wire 304L, with high performance of rust resistance and corrosion resistance
    2, we recommed metal hook strap and EVA strap,which are very easy to clean and dry. And also very hygeian.

    After consider for some days, his customers decided to try. After received the gloves, they are very happy with our gloves. 

    Customer's feedback can show you everything of our gloves. And if you have any question, please send email to cherry@hand-safe.com. We would like to satisfy you as more as we can.

    Thanks and regards

  • Q Is the glove any good for protection when working on electric saw?

    For your information, our this gloves mostly be used for cut resistant for somewhere such as will use electric shears and  Saw Osteotome and knife etc.
    compared with all other type protection gloves, our this type metal mesh gloves can offer the highest level protection for hands. But we also need to remind that our this gloves can offer the ultimate protection, it is cut resistant but not 100% cut proof.

    electric saw cut resistant gloves stainless steel ring mesh gloves
    As to price of the metal mesh gloves, please kindly tell us the quantity you need and address, we would like to check freight for you. If you still have any question, please feel free to contact me.

    email: cherry@hand-safe.com
    skype: hebeitl
    whatsapp/mobile: 86 13373089728
    Thanks and regards
  • Q Can I get a price list for the metal mesh gloves and butcher apron?

    A  Yes, we would like to offer price list of our metal mesh gloves and butcher aprons for your reference. But price list normally dosen't including tax and freight. Please contact Cherry by cherry@hand-safe.com or make a all 0086 13373089728
  • Q Dose your quotation including freight to my place?

    A Normally our price not including tax and freight but after told the quantity and address, we would like to check the freight accordingly.

    For price details, please send email to cherry@hand-safe.com or call 0086 13373089728
  • Q What is your normal payments?

    A Due to the metal mesh gloves normally come in small quantity with not very high value, that the gloves mostly deliveried by express line.  Then we normally asked for full payments before the delivery.

    The most we do is 30% deposit in advance, then 70% balance against TT, or PAYPAL or WEST UNION, 
  • Q Can I get a sample of the metal mesh gloves or apron?

    A According to company stipulation, we don't offer free samples to customer due to the value of our metal mesh gloves and apron. But we will be more happy to give more discount after confirm order or deduct the sample valume from order.
    Please call 0086 13373089728 or send email to cherry@hand-safe.com for checking.
  • Q Can I get a product that is not shown on the website?

    A Because we are a direct manufacturer of stainless steel ring mesh, in this way, whatever the products were made from the ring mesh, then we can offer. But special Order products are subject to minimum requirements and are non-refundable. And we need customer to offer product detailes and drawing if possible.

    Presently, our machine only can produce one size ring with 0.53mm wire diameter and 2.75 mm inner ring diameter. 
    ring mesh cut resistant glove

    For details please contact Cherry by email: cherry@hand-safe.com or mobile: +86 13373089728

  • Q Would this ring mesh glove protect my hand when opening oysters?

    A No doubt, My kitchen staff uses this ring mesh glove while using chef knifes. A shucker shouldn't be a problem 
    ring mesh gloves-metal mesh gloves-butcher gloves
  • Q What is the inspection standard of the ring mesh gloves?

    A Since the ring mesh gloves normally were used for food, meat and fruite processing, the safety will be the first important thing.

    Cutomers always concerns is the ring mesh gloves safe enough for the food and meat processing and what is the inpsectioon of the ring mesh?

    Here we gurantee that our ring mesh gloves  can reach the inspection standard and safe enough for food and meat processing. The standard is EN 1082

  • Q Can the ring mesh gloves be repaired?

    A Our this ring mesh gloves were made from stainless steel wire 304 materials. Compared with other materials gloves, our this ring mesh gloves at a little higher cost. But also it has a unbeatable performance, not only the comfort degree, but also the cut resistant effects and service time. Take the cost into consideration, customers hope can have a longer service time.

    So here we promise that we will offer 90 days free repairing service if the gloves were damaged under normal use. After free repairing service date, we will ask for payments according the damaged area.

    For information please contact Cherry as follows:

    email: cherry@hand-safe.com
    whatsapp:  0086 13373089728
  • Q What is involved in the inspection and testing process of the ring mesh gloves?

    A In order to guarantee the quality and satisfy our customers, each glove will be strictly inspected and tested before shipping.

    There are several factors were be involved in the inspection and testing process of our ring mesh gloves.

    1, wire materials purchasing.
        Only work with regular and legal wire facotry. and Also Wire test report is required each time. To promise 100% stainless steel wire 304.

    2, the ring mesh fabric making
        After the wires welded to ring mesh fabric, each ring must be inspected and tested.  Not only the welded point must be perfect but also the fabric must be uniform.  We assure the drawing force can up to at least 200N. 

    3, the ring mesh glove inspection and testing
       Before packing, each ring mesh glove must be strictly inspected and tested. Not only the gloves should be strong, beautifully but also confortable for hand.

    4, the ring mesh glove packing
        Innsure each glove to be packed well than can avoid any risk during transportation. If customers have special requierments of packing. then packed the gloves exactly as customer real need.

    5, the ring mesh glove transportation
        Only use safe, fast and profession transportation company. Then can promise our ring mesh gloves can be deliveried to customers safely and fastly.

    Contact person: Cherry
    Email: cherry@hand-safe.com
    whatsapp: 86 13373089728
  • Q What is your min order quantity of the ring mesh gloves?

    A To customers, especially a new customer, wholesaler or distributer or a consumer, maybe will worry about our quality before start to work with us. In this case, maybe hope to start with a small quantity.

    Here we Hand safe promises that our min order quantity is 1 piece ring mesh gloves. We have the sincer hope to do business with all old and new customers.

    But due to the average cost is different upon different quantity. So we also offer prices on base of different ring mesh gloves quantity.

    If need more information, please contact Cherry as follows:

    email: cherry@hand-safe.com
    whatsapp: 86 13373089728