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Buy and use precautions for cutting gloves

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Selection of cutting gloves as a risk prevention measures, in addition to considering the material, use and price, but also to take care of the views of employees, so that they participate in the selection of models and styles. It is worth noting that the user must understand the limitations of the use of gloves and care, which can be found from the use of gloves or labels. For example, the cutting gloves are not completely cut off, only for the human operation of the tool, knitted fiber gloves can not withstand the serrated or wave blade.

Life or sanitation workers should not use cut resistant gloves in repair prickly plants. Because the cutting gloves are made of steel wire, there are many dense holes that allow the flower to pass through. Cutting gloves are designed for people in the long-term industrial safety. In the long-term use, often contact with the tool, gloves, there will inevitably be a small hole, if the glove hole is too large, it is possible to threaten the safety of users, when the gloves will need to be repaired or replaced.

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