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Different Straps for Stainless Gloves

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 Different Straps for Stainless Gloves

Stainless steel gloves are often used in various industries, such as food processing and metalworking, to provide protection for the hands while allowing for dexterity and flexibility. These gloves typically consist of stainless steel mesh or chainmail that provides cut and puncture resistance. The straps or closures on stainless steel gloves are essential for securing the glove to the hand and wrist, and they come in various styles to accommodate different preferences and requirements. 

Here are some common types of straps for stainless steel gloves:

1. Textile strap of Stainless steel gloves

2. Plastic strap of Stainless steel gloves

3. Spring strap of Stainless steel gloves

Type Such as:

1.Five Finger Metal Mesh Gloves

2.Long Sleeve Metal Mesh Gloves (8CM/15CM/19CM)

3.Three Finger Metal Mesh Gloves

The choice of strap type depends on the specific application and user preferences.

Some users may prefer the convenience, while others may prioritize the added security of hook straps.

Give you peace of mind protection!



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