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Function and classification of cutting gloves

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Domestic steel wire gloves for stainless steel wire and fine, can replace imported metal gloves in certain circumstances. In the case of less stringent requirements, taking into account the cost of the case can be considered by using the gloves.

Baotou Steel wrapped stainless steel silk gloves for high strength fiber made. This anti cutting performance excellent, cutting gloves wearing comfortable, can be cleaned. The cutting performance of up to 5, meet the cutting and non electric power tools work in almost any workplace. Is widely used in manufacturing, steel plate, glass partition handling work, replace the handling tool, and the cutting of leather, and armed combat and other places. We can be set according to customer requirements to make various styles, a variety of protective gloves protection level.

Gloves to its material lightweight, wear resistance and cutting, high temperature and other characteristics, we made all kinds of Kevlar gloves, to meet a variety of places with mild cutting and high requirement to wear place. Widely used in automobile manufacturing. Mechanical machining, casting and other places.

Anti cut gloves, anti wear ability, sticking hands, anti-static characteristics, is widely used in precision cutting process of cutting protection protection, food industry, clean working environment protection and other high-grade anti cutting cutting places.

All kinds of metal gloves, gloves, gloves, stainless steel ring steel ring iron gloves, gloves, cut resistant gloves, anti cutting gloves, gloves, cut resistant gloves, anti cutting gloves, anti knife cut resistant gloves, protective gloves, stab resistant gloves, cutting protective gloves in the moment to protect the safety of the people.

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