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How to clean the ring mesh cut resistanat gloves?

Views: 23     Author: Zhong He     Publish Time: 2016-11-23      Origin: Internet

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How to clean the ring mesh cut resistanat gloves?

our ring mesh cut resistant gloves were made from stainless steel wire 304. It is with high performance that corrision resistant.And it is also resistes process fats and oils. But Because
they are mainly used for meat processing or food processing.It is easy to breed bacteria. So it is necessary  to clearn it thoroughly.  Due to the  good materials, it is clean up simply with
hot water and soap. There are something need to be noted when clearn the ring mesh gloves:

Ring mesh cut resistant gloves should be brushed energetically with water at 50°C.
Ring mesh cut resistant glove should then be rinsed with water at a minimum temperature of 82°C.
The disinfection has to be processed with a non-acid product authorized by food hygiene services.

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