Introduction to the performance of cutting resistant gloves

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Cut resistant gloves with the function of preventing cut, stab, anti-skid, wear-resistant; anti cutting performance. The anti stab performance and super wear resistance; can effectively protect the people is not cut cutter blade; excellent antiskid performance can not fall in grasping objects of protection.

Practical use        

Cutting resistant gloves and wear resistance of cutting gloves extraordinary, the hand labor supplies high quality. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages that the service life of a pair of anti cutting gloves is equivalent to 500 ordinary line gloves". The utility model can be widely used in industries such as meat splitting, glass processing, metal processing, petrochemical industry, disaster relief and emergency rescue, fire fighting and rescue, etc..

Clean preservation

1. Wash with soap (50 degrees Celsius) or hot water (50 degrees C) with a cleaning agent, at least 1 times a day.

2. Washed gloves, stored in a cool ventilated place.

3. Do not clean the wire gloves with hard objects.

4. Use as much as possible to avoid sharp objects touching the glove surface.

Matters needing attention

The flowers should be used to repair a cut resistant gloves. Because the cut gloves are made of steel wire, there are many dense holes that allow the flower to pass through, and the correct gloves should be used in the repair of the flowers.

Cutting resistant gloves are designed for people in the long-term industrial safety. In the long-term use, continuous and knife contact gloves can appear small holes, if small hole gloves of more than 1 square centimeters, the gloves will need repair or replacement.



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