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Main properties and use of stainless steel protective gloves

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Main properties and use of stainless steel protective gloves

Stainless steel protective gloves are made of all stainless steel, comfortable and safe to wear on the hand, and are safety protective supplies for meat processing, cutting tool manufacturing, and clothing cutting industry. When cutting meat, holding knives, clothing revision and replacing the steel belt of the cutting machine, they can effectively prevent the hand from being cut. Flexible wrist strap to fit all wrists and ensure comfort, glove metal adjustable buckle design, full palm protection.

The main properties of stainless steel protective gloves:

1. Anti-cutting, anti-stabbing, anti-slip, wear-resistant;

2. With the best anti-cutting performance, wear resistance and anti-stabbing performance;

3. Can effectively protect the hands from being cut by knives and other sharp edges;

4. Excellent anti-slip performance can protect it from falling when grabbing objects.

Use of stainless steel protective gloves:

1. Wash gloves with soapy water (50 degrees Celsius) or hot water (50 degrees Celsius) mixed with detergent at least once a day.

2. Keep washed gloves in a cool and ventilated place.

3. Do not clean the steel gloves by beating them with hard objects.

4. Avoid sharp objects from touching the surface of gloves.

5. Do not use cut-resistant gloves when repairing prickly flowers and plants. Because cut-resistant gloves are made of steel wire, there will be many dense holes to allow flowers to Pierce through, and the correct gloves should be used when repairing flowers and plants to avoid injury.

6. Cut-resistant gloves are designed for people in the long term industrial safety. In long-term use, gloves can appear small holes after constant contact with sharp knives, if the small hole in the glove exceeds 1 square centimeter, the glove needs to be repaired or replaced.

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