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Our stainless steel gloves were warmly welcomed on TecnoCarne in Brazil 2017

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From  8th to 10th August,2017, we attended the TecnoCarne in Brazil to show our stainless steel  ring mesh gloves with different model.

stainless steel ring mesh gloves-wrist length with XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL six sizes

stainless steel ring mesh gloves-long cuff, cuff length: 8cm, 15cm, 19cm

stainless steel ring mesh gloves-full shoulder protection

stainless steel chain mail aprons

Our stainless steel gloves and apron were warmly welcomed on the fair. Hope can establish good relationships with all customers and agents.

zhonghe ring mesh glove on Brazil Fair

zhonghe stainless steel gloves on Brazil Fair

During the fair, we also visited and had a meeting JBS, who has been in contacting for a long time. On the meeting, we were told that our quality has been accepted by them after testing the gloves we sent to them. And talked more details of the cooperation.

talk steel mesh gloves details with JBS.jpg

Give you peace of mind protection!



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