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Ring mesh stainless steel gloves for butcher

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Ring mesh stainless steel gloves for butcher 

Five finger stainless steel gloves provide excellent cut protection for our hand, safe to use with food and can drastically reduce the risk of accident when handling sharp blades and for other applications where maximum protection is required. They're form-fitting and comfortable for wear.      

stainless steel gloves is made of stainless steel 4 links connection with superior anti-cutting performance, wear resistance and to tearing performance.                                                      Materials are non-toxic, easy to wear off, breathable, flexible fingers bent, super slash/cut proof and soft and machine washable just like other kitchen tools.                                              Engineered to maximize comfort, our gloves are easily reversible and ISO, FDA Compliant. 

1. Protect you from working accidents that often occur when cut or stab with a knife.

2. Flexible silicone rubber strap, adapts to all wrist sizes to ensure comfort

3. Color coded strap defines the size of the glove                                   

4. 4 in 1 intertwined design will allow mobility of the hand while working

5. The ring mesh gloves strictly meet the standard of European directive EN 1082-1:1996

There is a wide application of Rubber Strap Five Finger Ring Mesh Stainless Steel Chainmail Gloves  :

1.Used for slaughter houses,
2.Used for fish and shellfish processing,
3.Poultry processing,
4.Large-scale public canteens,
6.Plastic,leather processing,
8.Tailoring and paper industry,
9.Wood processing,
10.Glass processing,
11.Laboratory containment,
12.Security,police,public security and other fields.

Cleaning instruction: washed in hot soapy water (50℃) and rinsed in water at a minimum temperature of 82℃To disinfect them                                                               


Give you peace of mind protection!



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