Should you be wearing a ring mesh cut resistant gloves?

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Should you be wearing a ring mesh cut resistant gloves?
Before ourselves or our worker were injured, or suffer any lost, we normally think the cost of ring mesh cut resistant gloves seems prohibitive. But if you can think about the cost it can save,
then what is the ring mesh cut resistant gloves really worth to you?

1, what is the cost of cut injury to your worker? The insurance, the worker’s compensation, the short-term disability, and also the productivity cost?
2, how much is the cost to your business if the injured person contaminates the food or meet with blood or other bacteria?
3, how much are you spending on replacing knit cut resistant gloves when the gloves are damaged?
4, if you were a housewife, once was injured not only suffer the pain and cost but also bear the psychology fear.
Base above mentioned reason, our stainless steel ring mesh cut resistant gloves were born at right time.
1, It is 5 grade protection to avoid knife cut and it is not easy to be damaged
2, It is stainless steel 304 wire, not only corrosion resistant but easy to clean
3, The ring mesh cut resistant gloves can be repaired once were damaged to save your cost of replacing new glove.



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