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Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtains size and shape can be offered as wish

Materials: high quality stainless steel wire
Ring Size: 3.81mm, wire diameter: 0.53mm
Mesh panel size: customized
Color: Silver, Golden, Pink golden, Black
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Ring mesh curtain, also was called chainmail curtain, consists of many individually welded stainless steel rings. Compared with cloth curtain, the service time of stainless steel ring mesh curtain is much more longer but cost also is little higher. On the one hand, ring mesh curtain needs low even free maintenance due to the firm welding technology, and also more easier to clean,wipe it with a soft brush or a piece of cloth is enough.On the other hand, with flexible and durable structure, it is easy to install. And its metallic luster looks noble and elegant under lamplight and sunshine that can decorate your room, office or other places in dreamy colors, it is perfect for using as space divider, hanging on the ceiling wall or background decoration. With these unique metal properties, ring mesh curtain is used for hotels, office buildings, elevators, residences and other places.


Small Ring Mesh

Materials: stainless steel wire 304L, 316

Ring Size: 3.81mm

Wire Diameter: 0.53mm

Mesh Panel Size: customized 

Panel shape: customized

Weight: about 3kg per square meter

Color: Silver, Black, Gold, Bronze etc.

Large Ring Mesh will come soon

Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtains most time come into the stainless steel origin color, which is very close to silver color. But some times, with the hope to reach the different decoration visual effects, the curtain also can be painted to other color, such as black, rose gold or other color as customer's real need.

stainless-steel-ring-mesh_conew2.jpg stainless steel ring mesh black color stainless steel ring mesh rose gold color
stainless steel ring mesh silver color stainless steel ring mesh black color stainless steel ring mesh rose gold color

Other color also can be done as wish.

The stainless steel ring mesh curtains not only can be offered in different size and also can be hanged in different ways when used in different scenes with the hope to reach a decoration resuilts.

welded ring mesh curtain



Continuous Pocket Tab Top Rings



Large Grommets Small Grommets

Except the various kinds of hanging methods, there are also different displaying way of the ring mesh curtain.

ringMesh_Fullness -zhonghe.jpg

ringMesh_Fullness 50% zhonghe.jpg


Flat curtain 50% fullness 100% fullness

What you should take into consideration before buying the stainless steel ring mesh curtain?

1 Curtain Dimension 2 Curtain Color 3 Curtain Shape
4     Hanging Way 5  Fullness perse
Currtain using scenes

Ring Mesh Curtain Gallery

stainless steel ring mesh curtain05.jpg

Interior room space divider

Faint give you a feeling with mystery, fashion endow your rooms full of contemporary feeling.

Meeting room shading curtainstainless steel ring mesh curtain03

Classic black highlights the theme of The Times, all of business sense black color let you who with taste be more intellectual.


stainless steel ring mesh curtain01

 Recreational villa hotel decoration curtain

Escape from the busy city to explore anoher rhythm of life, to listen to the music of nature, give yourself a quiet space and fly your mood.

stainless steel ring mesh curtain04Visible ring mesh decorative curtain

At the warm afternoon, site before the courtyard, leisure and elegant. Blue sky, white cloud all comes into your eye. We didn’t block the landscapes before you, our curtain itself is a beautiful scenery.




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