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Stainless steel gloves -cut resistant 9 level

Views: 11     Author: zhonghe     Publish Time: 2021-08-31      Origin: zhonghe

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Stainless steel gloves --Cut resistant 9 level 

cut resistant 9 level Stainless steel gloves

We are a leading professional manufacturer and wholesale supplier of stainless steel made from high quality stainless steel wire 316L. 

This stainless steel gloves is cut resistant 9 level ,mainly used for hand protection against cuts, slashes and punchers during work such meat cut, glass and leather procession, food procession and so on.

With advanced equipments brought from abroad and trained skilled workers, we can produce the highest quality of cut resistant gloves and that is the reason we can offer the widest cut resistant gloves ( three fingers, five fingers and five fingers with long sleeves and also different 

strap as customer need) in hand-protection industry.

Being specialists and innovators, we also can creat gloves as your real need if you cannot find

what you need here.

For more information,also please contact  Jane email: Jane-liu @hand-safe.com 

Give you peace of mind protection!



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