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Stainless steel material metal mesh gloves

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Our metal mesh gloves material : stainless steel 316L  . Six size : XXS-XL . Leading time : 1-3 days .

Metal mesh gloves Features 

1. Protect you from working accidents that often occur when cut or stab with a knife.

2. Flexible silicone rubber strap, adapts to all wrist sizes to ensure comfort

3. Color coded strap defines the size of the glove                                   

4. 4 in 1 intertwined design will allow mobility of the hand while working

5. The ring mesh gloves strictly meet the standard of European directive EN 1082-1:1996

Cleaning instruction: washed in hot soapy water (50℃) and rinsed in water at a minimum temperature of 82℃To disinfect them

 stainless steel five finger glove with textile strap

Metal mesh gloves using :

2.Tailoring and paper industry,
3.Wood processing,
4.Glass processing,
5.Laboratory containment,

6. slaughter houses,

7. fish and shellfish processing,
8.Poultry processing,
9.Large-scale public canteens,
11.Plastic,leather processing,
12.Security,police,public security and other fields.

Give you peace of mind protection!



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