The characteristics and application scope of wire cutting gloves

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The wire - cutting gloves are made up of thousands of welded steel rings. Able to provide our customers with reliable safety protection, comfortable wear, flexible operation, strong and durable.


1. Wire cut resistant gloves with excellent quality, excellent elasticity, softness and comfort, protection performance of Europe protection grade 5, is not comparable to other similar products, it is also a good cut resistant gloves in the current.

2. Domestic pure steel gloves.

3. The metal buckle on the nylon belt can be adjusted freely.

4. Single gloves, gloves can be turned inside out for right-handed use.

5. A total of 6 stainless steel gloves, respectively, with different colors to identify.

Application scope

1. Wire cutting gloves can be used in the tool factory production, handling, packaging, inspection of the work of protection;

2. Steel wire cutting gloves can be used in the garment factory cutting blade installation and use of the work of protection;

3. Steel wire cutting gloves can be used in stamping parts factory for steel plate forgings handling protection;

4. Wire cut resistant gloves available in toxic liquid crystal glass cutting, handling and assembly operation protection and security police patrol.

5. Steel wire cut gloves can be used in the food factory, the operation of the protection of the slaughter and split hand protection, etc.;



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