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Welded Ring Mesh Chainmail Bag

Material: Stainless Steel Wire 304L
Ring Size: ID: 2.75 MM, OD: 3.81 MM
Wire Diameter: 0.53 MM
Bag size : OEM
Origin: Hebei, China
Application: Safety Products and Decoration Products etc
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Welded Ring Mesh Chainmail  Bag 

Welded Ring Mesh made from stainless steel wire 304 L



Welded Ring Mesh made from stainless steel wire 304 L


Product Name: Welded Ring Mesh

Material: Stainless steel wire 304L

Ring Size: ID: 2.75MM, OD:3.81MM

Wire Diameter: 0.53MM

Origin: Hebei China

Brand: Zhonghe

Capacity: 30 square meter daily

Drawing force:200N


Application of welded Ring Mesh 


Due to the strong welding at the seam and small ring size and high quality stainless steel wire materials, the welded ring mesh was widely used as protection safety products and fashion decoration products:

1, safety products including cut resistant gloves, buther aprons, arm guards, running shoes and garments

2, decoration products including decoration curtains,

partition wall,curtain wall etc.

3, fashion products such as earrings,necklace,wrist guard etc.

4.Chainmail bag 

welded ring mesh chainmail bag 

 Welded Ring Mesh Chainmail  Bag Advantages 

1, direct manufacturer of welded ring mesh, not only promise the quality but also the best price.

2, we have stock on hands, promise you the fast delivery time

3, the mesh size and shape can be done as wish, not only limited to our own design.

4, advanced imported equipments, skilled workers, hardly quality control,we only offer satisfied quality

5, small free sample is available.



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