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What is the difference between different cut resistant levels?

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For safety gloves, with different cut resistant gloves can be used in different fields.

Cut resistant level 1


Level 1 Cut Resistance is a lowest level of protection against sharp objects and cutting hazards. As such, Safety Gloves that have Cut Resistance Level 1 should not be used in areas where coming into contact with sharp objects is a likelihood.


The advantage of Level 1 Cut Resistant Gloves is that they provide you with a greater level of dexterity than other, more protected levels. This is great for work with dull items, such as if you are working with packages or general handling. These gloves are also ideal for use as visitorsgloves as visitors are unlikely to be coming into contact with any sharp materials but it is important to offer some protection nonetheless.


Cut resistant level 2


Level 2 Cut Resistance offers slightly more protection than level 1, but it would still be important to mostly avoid sharp objects and edges. Gloves that have been categorized to Cut Resistance Level 2 keep many of the advantages as Level 1, for example a greater amount of movement and dexterity.


These gloves should be utilized in areas where coming into contact with sharp objects is a possibility but not a constant hazard. Cut Level 2 work gloves are also great for tasks that require fine motor skills as on the whole they are thinner and more flexible than more protective levels. Some examples of areas where Cut Level 2 Safety Gloves come in handy include warehouses, packing and shipping, general handling, automotive work and many others.


Cut resistant level 3


Work gloves that have been specified as Cut Resistance Level 3 are suitable for a wider range of uses, including in areas where contact with blades and sharp edges is not uncommon. Being the middle level of resistance, Cut Resistance Level 3 provides you with the best of both worlds you achieve protection, but it is not at the expense of dexterity and control of your hands.


As these gloves have a higher resistance, they are more suitable to work that includes some contact with sharp objects. An example would be if you are dealing with objects that have sharp edges (though not razor sharp) on a daily basis. Other tasks that Cut Level 3 Work Gloves are suitable for include light construction, electrical work, plumbing and general warehouse work.


Cut resistant level 4


As the penultimate level of cut resistance offered, Cut Level 4 Safety Gloves are great for use in areas where it is fairly likely that you will come into contact with blades, glass or sharp steel edges. Though they do not offer as much protection as Cut Level 5 Work Gloves, Level 4 provides you with a greater amount of flexibility and control of your hands.


Level 4 Cut Resistant Gloves are suitable for use in a range of industries including construction, automotive, steel handling, glass handling and any other work where you fear your hands may be cut.


Cut resistant level 5


Level 5 Cut Resistance is the highest level of protection so far that is covered by EN Standard 1082, making it perfect for highly hazardous environments. If you are coming into contact with sharp objects and blades on a daily basis, you should choose work gloves that have Cut Level 5 Resistance. Most Safety Gloves that have been specified to Cut Level 5 are also resistant to other threats such as puncture, abrasion and tear (please check individual products for further information). These resistances make the glove more durable and provide a higher level of protection for longer.


Due to the highly resistant nature of Cut Level 5 gloves, they can be used in most environments without running risks. Even the most hazardous building work, steel/glass handling and waste management can be undertaken without worrying about personal injury. Please note that Cut Level 5 Work Gloves may not be suitable for work with needles or sharp shards of glass, always refer to individual product pages or contact us where more information is needed. Actually after testing our chain mail gloves, it has been exceeded level 5.  

Give you peace of mind protection!



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