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What types of cuts our ring mesh gloves can against?

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What types of  cuts our ring mesh gloves can against?

Normally there are three types of cuts that ring mesh gloves are designed to protect against:
Firstly: Abrasive cuts

These are very common in many industries. A prime example of an abrasive cut is the constant rubbing action of a glove when handling parts with a sharp or jagged edge, eg: sheet-metal stampings or plastic parts.

Secondly: Slicing cuts

These are characterized by the “slipping” motion of a very sharp edge. The food-handling industry is exposed to much of this type of threat. Also any other industry where workers work with sharp knives.

Thirdly: Impact cuts

These are not as frequently occurring in the workplace as abrasive and slicing cuts, but can happen with a far greater force. An example of this type of cutting accident is being struck by a falling piece of glass or sheet metal. On a smaller scale, impact cuts can happen in the thumb crotch area during the normal course of handling sheet metal or other sharp-edged materials.

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