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Who uses ring mesh gloves and when?

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Who uses ring mesh gloves and when?
Industries including meat processing, textile cutting and sheet metal and glass processing should use ring mesh gloves for cut protection. What is more, the most popular user remains food processing, where anyone who uses a hand knife or cleans/moves a slicer blade can (should) wear a ring mesh glove.
It’s important to note even ring mesh gloves are neither cut-proof nor puncture-proof. They are only cut- and puncture-resistant  but no ring mesh glove is 100-percent cut-proof. Ring mesh gloves are only designed to be used around hand knives, not powered blades or saws with serrated edges. Warnings on packaging from almost all manufacturers read something like:
“WARNING: These gloves will not withstand the force of power-driven blades, saws, and tools; avoid this hazard.”
“WARNING: These gloves could be caught in moving machinery and should not be used where such contact is possible."

"WARNING: once the ring mesh gloves was damaged in a biger hole as 1cm."

"WARNING: when repair the flowers or plants or grass with thorny, cannot take the ring mesh gloves”。

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