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Zhonghe Stainless steel Cut resistant gloves

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Stainless steel Cut resistant gloves were constructed with individural welded rings of 0.53 mmstainless steel with a 2.75 mm inner didameter, creating tightly woven mesh and providing resistance against cuts, lacerations, puncture wounds and abrasions. They are available in full-hand, full-hand with extra-long cuff, and 3-finger types. All styles feature double linking between fingers for added protection. Ring Mesh Gloves are suitable for foodservice, food processing, grocery, and industrial applications.


Strap type: silicone rubber, textile and hook

 Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL

 Material: stainless steel wire 316 

 Drawing Force: More than 200N


Ring Mesh gloves used for cut and puncture              

protection.The ring mesh gloves mainly used in food, meat glass, leather processing and also wood carving such risk industries and fields   

metal mesh gloves with metal hook                     



Give you peace of mind protection!



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