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  • Sep
    Zhonghe wish Happy Teacher's day

    Five finger stainless steel cut resistant gloves protect you from working accidents that often occur when cut or stab with a knife. Flexible silicone rubber strap, adapts to all wrist sizes to ensure comfort,Color coded strap defines the size of the glove ,4 in 1 intertwined design will allow mobility of the hand while working,The ring mesh gloves strictly meet the standard of European directive EN 1082-1:1996

  • Jan
    Zhonghe Ring mesh and Metal mesh gloves Group Wish you 2020 Happy New Year

    Zhonghe Ring mesh and Metal mesh gloves Group Wish you 2020 Happy New Year !

  • Mar
    The characteristics and application fields of protective gloves for coating

    The characteristics of the protective coating protective gloves: excellent cutting resistance and wear resistance, and a high degree of comfort. 13 needle lining comfortable and flexible feel cool, latex wrinkle coating wear resistant puncture. The back of the glove is not coated, breathable and

  • Mar
    Buy and use precautions for cutting gloves

    Selection of cutting gloves as a risk prevention measures, in addition to considering the material, use and price, but also to take care of the views of employees, so that they participate in the selection of models and styles. It is worth noting that the user must understand the limitations of t

  • Feb
    The characteristics and application scope of wire cutting gloves

    The wire - cutting gloves are made up of thousands of welded steel rings. Able to provide our customers with reliable safety protection, comfortable wear, flexible operation, strong and durable.Characteristic1. Wire cut resistant gloves with excellent quality, excellent elasticity, softness and c

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